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Agree Agenda and Actions Revision

V. Domingo welcomed all participants, informed them about the health status of A.Poland and presented the ``BEST of What's Knew 1996 Award'' for Aviation and Space, presented to ESA and NASA for SOHO by Popular Science Magazine on 12 November 1996.

Agenda --- annex 1

List of Participants --- annex 2

Actions revision

Action 20-1: closed
On PIs to determine if the new computation of the spacecraft velocity in heliocentric coordinates is correct. (Samples can be found at orbit/definitive/new_samples). Input to L. Sanchez by September 6.

Action 20-2: closed
On ESA to provide a detailed script for the station keeping/momentum management maneuver on 11-12 September, including window for SSU/SEU patch upload and testing. Due date: 30 August.

Action 20-3: ongoing
On ESA/Matra, MDI and VIRGO to analyse S/C pointing disturbances.

Action 20-4: closed
On PS to establish Working Group to study technical matters of telemetry redistribution with relevant parties (EIT, CDS, SUMER, UVCS, S/C).

Action 20-5: ongoing
On PS to organize series of small workshops at SOHO EAF.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:27:08 EST 1998