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Action Items SOHO SWT--21

Action 21-1: On relevant PI teams to provide pointing information to Helmut Schweitzer ( for S/C trending analysis.

Action 21-2: On PI teams to provide operational information for the time period 8-22 October 96. Input to Jean-Philippe Olive ( before 30 November.

Action 21-3: On EIT/LASCO to develop and test event detection software for inter-instrument flag system and report at the next SPWG meeting.

Action 21-4: On ESA/Matra to study the effect of S/C rolls on lifetime of gyros. Report at the next SWT meeting.

Action 21-5: On PIs to inform PS on when they plan to provide data and catalogue information for the SOHO archive. Input to PS before 30 November.

Action 21-6: On PIs to fill out mission extension questionnaire before 15 December.

Action 21-7: On PIs of CDS, EIT, LASCO, MDI, SUMER and UVCS to nominate a representative for the MEDOC working group. Input to PS before 15 December.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:27:08 EST 1998