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PR Matters

SOHO Science Report

B.Fleck presented the most recent issue of the SOHO Science Report (Issue 10; see annex 7). For the future it is planned to have the SOHO Science Reports issued quarterly, with inputs from all the experiment teams highlighting some of the most recent scientific discoveries. The PIs are requested to bring their input to the quarterly SWT meetings where the content of the Science Report will be discussed. V.Domingo will contact ESA's Publication Division to seek their support in producing forthcoming issues of the SOHO Science Report. If possible, they should be done in color.

Layout of Press Releases

The layout of future SOHO Press Releases was briefly discussed. It was agreed to generally follow the Hubble/STSI approach (see annex 8), i.e. the backside of the photographs should include the SOHO logo with ESA and NASA labels, title of the release, description of figure, and give credit to the scientist(s) and institutes providing the content.

SOHO Press Day

Given the long list of major scientific meetings starting May 6 with the EGS General Assembly in The Hague, V.Domingo proposed to hold the big ``First month of SOHO Science'' media event on May 2, 1996. All the PIs --- and the PRWG members in particular --- are requested to think about ``science stories'' for this press day. Ideas should be submitted to the Project Scientists.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:26:33 EST 1998