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V.Domingo asked the PIs to provide a manning plan for their team for the EOF and EAF ( including names) (Action 15.2).

K.Wilhelm asked if other experimenters encountered problems negotiating with the Project test time after red/green tag item exchange. Since according to project no verification period is available later in the launch campaign, SUMER decided to exchange their red tag items before the SFT. CELIAS and UVCS expressed same concerns. To be discussed with Project.

B.Fleck presented the status of the SOHO Special in Solar Physics (see annex 9). The complete volume including advance orders for hardcover reprints will be sent to Kluwer on September 1. The SOHO Special will appear in the December issue of Solar Physics.

R.Harrison expressed some concerns relating to the progress of the implementation of the European SOHO archives. There is an action on the Project Scientist to organize a meeting of the US and European archive representatives to arrange schedules and details for the archive development (Action 15.4).

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:26:23 EST 1998