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Time-line of Operations --- The First 6 Months

P.Martens presented a draft timeline plan for operations during the Transfer Trajectory Phase and the first month in the Halo Orbit (see annex 12). The switch-on scenario was briefly discussed, followed by a presentation of the S/C commissioning timeline, experiments commissioning and disturbance characterization. There is an action on the SOC to distribute a coherent Early Ops Plan by 1 March (Action 13.2). PS to make this Early Ops Plan an official document (Action 13.3). This plan will be discussed further at a SOWG meeting which will be held in conjunction with SIM2 early May.

There is an action on the PIs to comment on the list of activities involving S/C maneuvers and other experiments. Input to SOC before 15 February (Action 13.4). These activities will be further discussed at the next SOWG meeting which will take place 21--24 February at the EOF. Participation required: PI team Cruise Phase experts, ESA/NASA PSO, Matra experts, ESA/NASA Project, FOT.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:26:01 EST 1998