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Agree Agenda and Actions Revision

Agenda --- annex 1

List of Participants --- annex 2

Actions revision

Action 11.1 on PI's: Status: closed
To provide plans/wishes for cruise phase activities (first 145 days). Input to PS before Feb. 14, 1994.

Action 11.2 on PI's: Status: closed
To fill out their part of Table I in data rights document. Deadline: Feb. 14, 1994. (This Table will be included in the next SOP. Without PI input it will be assumed the PS is trusted to fill out the table reasonably.)

Action 11.3 on PI's: Status: closed
To comment on the first draft of the SOHO GI programme AO, before Feb. 14, 1994. In particular we need the PI Team's view on how they see GI participation for their instrument, since the ``30% of observing time'' criterion is meaningless or even unreasonable for some instruments.

Action 11.4 on PI's: Status: open for GOLF, VIRGO, SOI, EIT,
To write up and distribute the ``Instrument Science Report'' (e.g. CDS ``Blue Book'') before July 1, 1994.

Action 11.5 on PI's: Status: closed
To provide input for Annex A (list of ``Institutions involved in data processing and analysis'') of SOP before Feb. 14, 1994.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:25:49 EST 1998