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Action Items and Resolutions SWT 12

Action 12.1 on PI's: To comment and update the early operations timeline plan (TTP + commissioning phase [first 30 days after HOI] + first 30 days of nominal operations). Input to P.Martens before July 31, 1994

Action 12.2 on Project: To provide the S/C commissioning plan before August 31, 1994.

Action 12.3 on PI's: To define and provide their team's data rights and publication policy (to be included in the SOP as Annex E) and comment on Table 3.7 of SOP Draft issue 2.0 (May 1994) before July 31, 1994.

Action 12.4 on PI's: To submit camera-ready manuscript of instrument paper for the SOHO special issue in SOLAR PHYSICS. Input to B.Fleck before October 31, 1994.

Resolution on European SOHO Data Archives
The SOHO SWT endorses the ESA plan to seek institutions interested in hosting the SOHO data in Europe. The European archive(s) will be a copy of the EOF archive (data library) and adhere to the same access rules established for the EOF archive.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:25:49 EST 1998