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Agreed Agenda and Actions Revision

Final Agenda

Agenda -- annex 1

List of Participants -- annex 2

Actions Revision

Action 9.5 on GOLF and LASCO to report before 1 October 1993 of the results of the solar flare test. Input to T.Appourchaux.
Status: closed at SWT10

Action 10.1 on PI's: to comment before 1 October 1993 on drafts of data rights (annex 5), GI programme (annex 7), and campaign organization (annex 8). Input to PS.
Status: closed

Action 10.2 on PI's: to provide input for table 1 in data rights document (annex 5), including a definition of level 1 and level 2 of their data (before 1 October 1993).
Status: new action for SWT 11

Action 10.3 on PS: to write an AO for a GI programme before 1 December 1993.
Status: closed

Action 10.4 on PS: to work out a structure of campaign organization before 1 December 1993.
Status: ongoing concern for Science Operations Coordinator, see minutes item 16.

Action 10.5 on PI's: (at least VIRGO, GOLF, EIT, and SWAN) to provide an updated instrument description for the SOHO booklet to be distributed at the Elba workshop. Input to PS before end of August.
Status: closed

Action 10.6 on Project: to include the sun-shield of SUMER in the interface drawings in EID-A.
Status: closed

Action 10.7 on PI's: to evaluate the survey of ground-based observatories (annex 15, SWT 10) and send detailed requirements on synoptic data to PS before 1 October 1993.
Status: closed

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:25:37 EST 1998