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Action Items and Resolutions SWT 11

Note: this list is summarized from the SWT 11 minutes below

Action Items

Action 11.1 on PI's: To provide plans/wishes for cruise phase activities (first 145 days). Input to PS before Feb. 14, 1994.

Action 11.2 on PI's: To fill out their part of Table 1 in data rights document. Deadline: Feb. 14, 1994. (This Table will be included in the next SOP. Without PI input it will be assumed the PS is trusted to fill out the table reasonably.)

Action 11.3 on PI's: To comment on the first draft of the SOHO GI programme AO, before Feb. 14, 1994. In particular we need the PI Team's view on how they see GI participation for their instrument, since the ``30% of observing time" criterion is meaningless or even unreasonable for some instruments.

Action 11.4 on PI's: To write up and distribute the ``Instrument Science Report" (e.g. CDS ``Blue Book") before July 1, 1994.

Action 11.5 on PI's: To provide input for Annex 1 (list of ``Institutions involved in data processing and analysis") of SOP before Feb. 14, 1994.


CDS Underperformance:

The SOHO Science Working Team notes with alarm that the CDS telescope performance is outside specification. In particular, the point spread function FWHM of 7 arcsec in the spatial dimension is of concern, being a factor of 2.33 greater than the stated goal. It is recognized that CDS is a unique and valuable tool for studying the solar corona, even with the current FM telescope. However, it is felt that the gains in achieving a few arcsecond resolution are such that we support the CDS PI in taking all steps necessary to realize this goal.

SOHO Archive

The SWT strongly recommends that a ``live" SOHO archive, for observations planning, coordinated and correlative data analysis, and for campaign coordination, be implemented at the EOF before the SOHO launch, with, if possible, an identical copy in Europe.

In-Flight Calibration

The SWT recommends that several radiometric updates of the instrument calibrations be provided during the SOHO mission. This should be done by calibration rockets or any other suitable means with the following specific requirements -- see annex 12 for requirement table.

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