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Data Rights and Obligations: V. Domingo

See handout of draft for data rights section in SOP -- annex 16

V. Domingo proposes that VIRGO data policy be used as upper limit for all SOHO instruments. (original VIRGO policy, here referred to, was to release first year of data two years after commissioning, and from there on to release the next 6 months of data every 6 months).

V. Domingo also proposes to streamline data input into NASA/ESA archive, (i.e. input of data in a continuous manner, not large amounts at great intervals).

V. Domingo requests comments to data rights draft in writing (see action item 11.2) before Feb. 14.

P. Martens notes that the STSP AO states that in addition to the data access policy described in the draft, ESA and NASA can request data from the PI's for PR purposes, and proposes to include that in the data rights section of the SOP.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:25:37 EST 1998