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Early Operations and Interinstrument Calibration: V. Domingo et al.

See hardcopies -- annex 15

Animated discussion between project representatives and scientists on feasibility of cruise phase science operations:

Hovestadt: wants general statement during SWT exec. meeting on desirability of pointing during cruise phase.

Domingo in answer to Bertaux: quality of pointing during cruise phase cannot be guaranteed, but probably most of the time, except during S/C maneuvers, it will be sufficient for most experiments to operate in nominal conditions. In some parts of the trajectory telemetry may be reduced.

Berner: During cruise phase operations should concentrate on switch on/off, and functional verification monitoring, since in Transfer Orbit the S/C environmental and pointing performances are less stringent than in halo orbit.

Action item on PI's: produce cruise phase desired timelines. Deliver to Domingo or Martens (SOC).

Berner: during cruise phase spacecraft operations must have priority.

See hardcopies of presentation by by Kohl and Raymond on in-flight calibration and preliminary cruise phase timeline.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:25:37 EST 1998