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It was agreed to have a small SOHO booklet distributed at the Elba workshop. An action was put on the PI's to provide an updated description of their instrument for this booklet before end of August (action 10.5). The contributions to the Annapolis workshop can be taken as input. VIRGO, GOLF, EIT, and SWAN have to provide new descriptions as these instruments are not described appropriately (or not at all) in the Annapolis proceedings.

Further, it was agreed to have a new ``green booklet'' (i.e. a new version of ESA SP-1104), similar as done for Cluster (ESA SP-1159: Cluster: mission, payload and supporting activities). This can be done together with the combined publication in Solar Physics planned for late 94. Papers should be at ESTEC early 1994.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:25:28 EST 1998