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Guest Investigators programme

V.Domingo distributed a draft proposal of a SOHO Guest Investigators programme (see annex 7). Then there was a lively discussion on the GI programme. The main problem of a GI programme is the funding, in particular the funding in the US. According to A.Title a GI programme without funding would make no sense. Another problem constitutes the different funding system in the US and Europe. Some people are worried that the Europeans could be given preference in the selection procedure simply for financial and not for scientific reasons. Then the question was raised what would happen if a PI wanted to refuse a GI simply because he wanted to take over his clever ideas? Who has the ``final'' word? This issue has to be sorted out. C.Fröhlich asked who will appoint the members of a PI team. It was agreed that it should be the PI himself; thus, his ``private'' (informal) GI's will have the same rights as regular Co-I's.

An action was put on the PS to write a first draft of an AO for a GI programme before 1 December 1993 (action 10.3). An action was put on the PI's to comment on the GI programme in annex 7 (action 10.1).

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:25:28 EST 1998