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Data rights and obligations

V.Domingo distributed a handout on ``Use of SOHO data'' (see annex 5) which served as basis for discussion. No general agreement was reached among the PI's as regards the time after which the data should be open to public access. An action item was put on the PI's to comment before 1 October 1993 on this document (see annex 5; action 10.1) and to provide input for table 1 of this document, including a definition of level 1 and level 2 of their data, also before 1 October 1993 (action 10.2).

A.Poland gave a report on an EOF/CDHF splinter meeting on data distribution (see annex 6). It followed a discussion whether level 0 or level 1 data should be distributed to the experimenter teams. It was agreed to distribute level 0 data only. Further, it was agreed to publish the summary data on CD-ROMs and make them available to the broad community. A.Title suggested that these CD-ROMs should include a small (presumably IDL-) package to ease access and display of the various images in the summary data file. Everybody agreed.

A.Poland raised the question whether the summary images should be stored at the EOF, the CDHF or on individual PI workstations. It was agreed that the summary images should be stored on a central facility, i.e. not on the PI's workstations. There is an action item from the 9th SOWG meeting on J.Gurman and Ch.St.Cyr (SOWG action 9.2) to consider wether to send the summary data files to the CDHF or to send only a catalog.

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