SOHO and the 2001 Eclipse

Support observations

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In order to ensure that the SOHO support observations are not lost due to glitches in telemetry or other problems, the Solid State Recorder (SSR) is used to capture the data for two time periods on 21 June: 10:00 UT - 15:00 UT for the eclipse, and 17:30 UT - 18:30 UT in support of a rocket launch (TXI Rocket).


A number of special requests for special combinations/timings of EIT synoptic sets, C2 and C3 observations. Details at this page


Among other items, CDS takes a "doughnut" observation of the solar limb, stretched over two days, with special support during the totality period. Details here


UVCS takes white light pB measurements and UV spectra during totality on a stable streamer at 2.5 Rsun during totality and at a range of heights from 1.8 to 2.6 Rsun near the time of totality. UVCS will also be acquiring UV and pB information on a variety of other targets throughout the day. LASCO-C2 takes extra pB sequences for comparison to the ground-based measurements and UVCS.


Supporting before and after the eclipse and rocket flight with the campaign that alternates 2 minutes of full disk with 8 minutes of high resolution magnetograms.