SOHO and the 2001 Eclipse


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Below is a list of the eclipse expeditions that have requested special observations from SOHO, with a few notes about each expedition. The LASCO/EIT teams have a deadline at noon EDT on Wednesday, June 13 for any additional requests (subject to tecnical constraints).
Totality Where Who Observations Request
12:48 Angola S. Kouchmy
J.-P. Delaboudiniere
Off-limb electron-density mapping of coronal helium and high-resolution white-light coronal imaging. EIT takes 304 image at totality and C2 orange/clear as close as possible. LASCO C2 orange/clear and C3 clear/clear and the other 3 EIT wavelengths to be taken as close to totality as possible, with C2 orange/clear the very closest to totality
13:10 Zambia C. StCyr
J. Davila
White-light spectroscopy of the corona during a total eclipse. LASCO C2 or/cl at totality, C3 cl/cl and all four EIT wavelengths as close to totality as possible. EIT 195 A closest of all to totality.
13:10 Zambia J. Pasachoff Coronal green-line emission measurements, coronal temperature mapping, and studies of high and low corona. See this page for details. LASCO/EIT primarily supporting with the same images as above. C2 at totality is the priority.
13:10 Zambia K. Phillips High-speed, high-resolution visible-light imaging of the corona using the SECIS instrument. Detailed support plans by the CDS instrument can be found on this page
13:10 Zambia S. Habbal et al. The coordinated observations with UVCS will consist of pB measurements in a 360 degree field of view about the Sun and at a range of heights from 1.5 to 3.2 Rsun. Information about other observations can be obtained via email to UVCS takes white light pB measurements and UV spectra during totality on a stable streamer at 2.5 Rsun during totality and other heights near totality. UVCS will also be acquiring UV and pB information on a variety of other targets throughout the day. LASCO-C2 takes extra pB sequences for comparison to the ground-based measurements and UVCS.
13:15 Zimbabwe Doug Biesecker Observations of sungrazing comets. Ground based campaign is white-light. LASCO takes a C3 cl/cl image during totality, a C2 or/cl as close as possible, and color sequences in C2 and C3 through clear polariser an hour before and after totality. Other color sequences requested, tbc