Eruptive Prominence and Associated CME Observed with SUMER, CDS, and LASCO

by J.E. Wiik, B. Schmieder, T. Kucera, A.I. Poland, P. Brekke, and G.M. Simnett

Fig.4 (~0.1Mb): Example of SUMER spectra of Si IV line through the prominence (horizontal direction) displayed with their individual intensity scale for three raster periods: (a) between 07:12 and 07:44 UT, (b)between 07:48 UT and 08:16 UT, (c) between 08:16 UT and 08:50 UT. The data has been corrected for detector pin-cusion distortion. The arrows indicate the horizontal position where points A, B, C can be observed.

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