Eruptive Prominence and Associated CME Observed with SUMER, CDS, and LASCO

by J.E. Wiik, B. Schmieder, T. Kucera, A.I. Poland, P. Brekke, and G.M. Simnett

Figure 3b(above)

Fig.3a (~0.04Mb), Fig.3b (~0.04Mb), Fig.3c (~0.04Mb), Fig.3d (~0.03Mb): Dopplershifts observed in the prominence. The shifts were obtained by using the SUMER spectra in Si IV and O IV lines for the 4 first rasters, respectively observed between (a) 07:12 UT and 07:44 UT, (b) between 07:48 UT and 08:16 UT, (c) between 08:16 UT and 08:50 UT, and (d) between 08:50 UT and 09:21 UT. We notice that the low loop has mixed velocities during the two first times, and later consists of two blue legs. The huge loop is red and blue along its axis, suggesting twisting motion.

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