Eruptive Prominence and Associated CME Observed with SUMER, CDS, and LASCO

by J.E. Wiik, B. Schmieder, T. Kucera, A.I. Poland, P. Brekke, and G.M. Simnett

Fig.2 (~0.07Mb): SUMER observations of the prominence on May 1 1996 in the Si IV 1393 Å line (right panels). The prominence is observed between (a) 07:13 and 07:44 UT; (b) 07:45 and 08:16 UT; (c) 08:16 and 08:50 UT, (d) 08:50 and 09:21 UT, (e) 09:22 and 09:55 UT. North is up, and the right corner in the upper panels shows the disk. The dimension of the panels is 135'' x 107''. The CDS image of the prominence is presented in the O V line obtained between 07:07 and 07:58 UT in the upper left panel with the SUMER contour image.

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