Eruptive Prominence and Associated CME Observed with SUMER, CDS, and LASCO

by J.E. Wiik, B. Schmieder, T. Kucera, A.I. Poland, P. Brekke, and G.M. Simnett

Fig.14 (~0.03Mb): One of the SUMER movie frames. The left panel corresponds to raster (b) in Figure 2 where the solar disk can be seen to the right. The vertical white line illustrates the position of the SUMER slit from where the Si IV exposure shown in the middle panel was extracted (point C in Figure 2). The right panel shows the extraced profile (solid line) representing an average of the area along the slit marked in the two leftmost panels. The dashed line represents the average quiet Sun profile extracted from the upper right part of the raster. The vertical line shows the center of gravity of the quiet Sun profile. In this particular exposure the Si IV line is splitted up in two clearly separated line profiles. The strongest profile is slightly blueshifted,while the weaker component is shifted corresponding to a velocity of 60-70 km/s. When viewing the movie the "slit marker" will move across the raster while the exposure from these slit positions, and the extracted profiles are updated.

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