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Action Items

Action 32-1:
On PIs: Provide names/institutions that may participate in SOHO 5-year celebration and the Sun-Earth Day on 27 April. Input to P.Brekke before 15 January 2001.

Action 32-2:
On PIs: Provide input to NASA Senior Review (1-3 pages per instrument), including instrument status and science highlights. Input to J.Gurman before 16 March 2001.

Action 32-3:
On L.Sanchez and PIs: List of Level Zero CD recipients to be sent out by L.Sanchez and reviewed by PIs to eliminate those that no longer need them.

Action 32-4:
On L.Sanchez and European archive administrators: Provide monthly usage statistics for archive sites.

Action 32-5:
On S.Haugan: Coordinate automated SOHO instrument input to HESSI Flare Catalog with D.Zarro.

Luis Sanchez Duarte
Thu Jan 18 14:12:23 EST 2001