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S/C Offpoint Request

J.Gurman presented the case for an offpointing manoeuvre to enable the calculation of a new flatfield for EIT (see annex 4).

Summary of discussion: The maximum pointing excursion will be about 40 arcminutes, performed in Normal Mode, with Medium Rate telemetry. Golf/MDI are willing to accept the data loss. MDI would benefit from the manoeuvre if high rate telemetry is possible. The offpointing may be useful to CELIAS/SEM. Space weather conditions will be taken into account before the profile is performed. The likely time frame will be end of November/after the MEDOC campaign. There will be a possibility of saying no at a later stage.

The manoeuvre is to be proposed to the Program Office, separate from other manoeuvres/station keeping activities. The risk analysis is to be distributed to the PIs for final approval (action 31-1).

Luis Sanchez Duarte
Wed Sep 20 10:50:32 EDT 2000