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Strategic Planning

B.Fleck presented some viewpoints on strategic planning (see annex 12).

In a discussion on operational aspects, J.Gurman pointed out that most instrument teams are now operating on a slimmer budget than during the initial mission phase. This contributes to an efficient, but perhaps less ``scientifically stimulating'' atmosphere at monthly, weekly and daily planning meetings.

R.Harrison asked whether other instruments had strong objections against some changes to CDS planning that would involve more ``pre-planned'' periods, to ease the workload of CDS planners. No objections were raised, as long as flexibility to schedule JOPs would be maintained.

Web server statistics demonstrate that the real-time images, screensaver and Hot Shots have given a tremendous increase in traffic during the last months. Contributions from all instruments are strongly encouraged. Keep in mind, however, that some journals have strict rules with regard to results which has been publicised prior to submission.

Among other outreach activities, J.Kohl and R.Harrison mentioned more local projects. Funding and support for such activities is, however, difficult to obtain.

The PIs are requested to provide updated publication lists, and to request team members to send in copies of papers in journals other than ApJ and A&A (actions 30-2 and 30-3). The number of Ph.D. theses in the SOHO bibliography was spuriously low -- the PIs should make sure that updated information is submitted.

Team members should also be reminded about the use of the standard acknowledgement phrase, ``SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA''.

Attrition of people to other projects was raised as one concern, though this may be construed as a positive aspect when seen from the Solar community at large.

Luis Sanchez Duarte
Mon Apr 10 15:38:20 EDT 2000