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Status & Demonstration of SOHO Archive

On behalf of L.Sanchez Duarte, B.Fleck presented some data issues and the status of the new SOHO archive (see annex 6).

The problem of wrong roll attitude values (telemetry only -- not the physical roll attitude) reported in LZ CD-ROMS will most likely be solved without involving the CDHF, meaning that LZ CD-ROMS will not be changed. Instead, the on-line SOHO archive will contain the corrected data, including a time series indicating which spacecraft mode is in effect. This option was approved unanimously by the SWT.

The SOHO archive is nearing completion. Database definition and creation, catalogue extraction, and database population has been solved.

I.Scholl demonstrated the GUI for PIs to modify data access rights to individual users for individual data sets (see annex 7). Since most instruments now have an open data policy, this will be the default unless PIs provide alternate policies for their instruments to L.Sanchez Duarte (action 30-1).

Everyone is encouraged to try out the GUI for accessing the databasegif and to provide feedback to the developers.

Luis Sanchez Duarte
Mon Apr 10 15:38:20 EDT 2000