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B.Fleck forwarded some questions/comments from R.Harrison on the operation of SOHO (see annex 12).

In particular, inter-instrument flags were discarded as not feasible, however a closer interaction between e.g. EIT and CDS was encouraged for more [near] real-time pointing of observations.

Also, the desire of reviving the scientific content of the daily and/or weekly meetings was discussed. The lack of Science Operations Leaders lately is due to a lack of willing candidates, not any reluctance to have SOLs. Volunteers are strongly encouraged!

On the question of whether SOHO was achieving its goals with the current mode of operation, it was pointed out that we may want to look at new goals in addition to any pre-launch goals not yet achieved.

Two questions may be helpful in focussing thoughts on this:

``If SOHO was lost tomorrow, which things will we regret not having done?'' and ``Are we achieving the most of SOHO, for the current and future scientific agenda'', glimpsing into the future possibilities of e.g. confronting complex, multi-instrument observations with high-resolution, large-scale [numerical] models.

Luis Sanchez Duarte
Tue Nov 23 15:15:47 EST 1999