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Future Spacecraft Maneuvers

B.Fleck raised the question of allowing future science driven spacecraft maneuvers, now that SOHO appears to be more robust than ever since launch.

SWAN, SUMER and MDI voiced some interest in performing maneuvers.

It was pointed out, however, that during a maneuver some of the extra safety nets currently provided (e.g. star swapping, fallback into Coarse Roll Pointing mode) would not be effective during maneuvers, since roll control would already have been transferred to the Coarse Roll Sensor.

It was nevertheless concluded that one would again consider strong scientific cases for spacecraft maneuvers against the risk posed by temporary loss of some of the extra safety features. Although proposals will be accepted and evaluated, they are not encouraged.

Luis Sanchez Duarte
Tue Nov 23 15:15:47 EST 1999