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Recertification Review Action Status

J. Credland gave a update of the recertification review action status (see Annex 4)

The spacecraft is expected to be in ''normal mode'' first week of March after a roll maneuver.

He pointed out the quick recovery from last ESR (took only 15 minutes) and it was nice to see that the software upgrade 3 weeks earlier worked. It appears that we now have a robust software to exit future ESR's. The final gyroless software is expected to be ready/tested/uploaded mid July. After this SOHO should be fully operational.

The delta recertification review is scheduled for March 9/10.

A concern was pointed out that so far there has been very few changes in the FOT. More staffing for FOT is expected from NASA. All changes should now go through a ''Change Control Board'' (CCB). They have a large back-log to work on.

Program Managers are now present at GSFC. The NASA Program Panager (Judy Bruner) is in charge during nominal operations. The ESA Program Manager (Michel Verdant) takes over during emergencies.

Funding: NASA has followed ESA and has committed operations to March 2003 without any further senior review.

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