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Agree Agenda and Action Revision

No changes to the agenda (see annex 1). List of attendees - annex 2

Actions Revision

Action 26-1: closed
PI's are requested to test the sample level zero data CD-ROMs that CDHF will produce from data processed at IDDS (the new ground system). They are asked to report the results of these tests to the Science Data Coordinator ( no later than two weeks after receiving the CD-ROMS.

Action 26-2: closed
On Luis Sanchez, to find out how MDI will received their high rate data once the transition to IDDS is complete and no more 8mm tapes are produced.

Action 26-3: closed
PI's are requested to provide input on the strategy they will adopt with their instruments regarding the Leonids meteor storm by October 28. They are asked to consider two cases: No spacecraft attitude change, and 1.77 degree offpointing to set the solar panel edge-on on the radiant of the storm.

Action 26-4: closed
The SOHO engineering team will report on the outcome of the MMS study to mitigate the risk associated with the Leonids meteor storms as soon as it becomes available.

There were some discussions about the activities in connection with the Leonids last year. Was this just a hype up? Was the risk involved worth all the extra maneuvers? What should we do next year? The latter was discussed since a Mercury transit will occur on 15 Nov, just prior to the next Leonid shower (Nov 17th). This could provide a unique stray light test for some of the instruments.

However, as stated by B. Fleck, spacecraft safety comes first.

Action 27-1:
On PI's to provide input to what the instruments plan to do during the Mercury transit. Deadline before next SWT meeting on 21 June .

Action 27-2:
On PS to provide the orbit data for Nov. 15-17

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