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Status of the SOHO Archive

L. Sanchez presented the current status of the processing of the various SOHO data products (see first viewgraph of annex 12). He also made some comments on the differences between the new and the old ground system (see also annex 6 --Ron's one).

He wanted to thank all the PI's for providing all the data in a regular fashion.

I. Scholl gave an overview of the new SOHO archive system. There is a review scheduled for June 8 to decide whether to roll out the new system at that date or a later one. Details about the archive, see annex 12.

There was discussions about how RAL fits into the archive/database system and about releasing the source code of the user interface to RAL.

B. Fleck strongly encouraged the IAS colleagues to release their source code. It was argued that RAL needs this code now, not in June, mainly for the following reasons:

Following some discussions it was agreed upon that IAS will provide their source code to RAL, and with everybody's understanding that this was not the final version.

To close the session, Isabelle gave a real-time demonstration of the system.

SOHO Archive
Mon Mar 22 11:52:47 EST 1999