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Leonids Threat for SOHO

See annex 7 to find a copy of the presentation of Craig Roberts, Bill Worrall and Francis Vandenbussche. It is worth noting that the numbers provided are highly uncertain (by one or two orders of magnitude).

Questions from PI teams about what to do to mitigate the risk are welcome and can be submitted to NASA in writing until October 23. The generic recommendation is to close doors and to power down high voltages.

A study on what is the best strategy to address this issue is under way at MMS. NASA resources will be increased both at DSN and at GSFC.

Action 26-3: PIs are requested to provide input on the strategy they will adopt with their instruments regarding the Leonids meteor storm by October 28. They are asked to consider two cases: no spacecraft attitude change, and 1.77 degree off-pointing to set the solar panel edge-on the radiant of the storm.

Action 26-4: The SOHO engineering team will report on the outcome of the MMS study to mitigate the risk associated with the Leonids meteor storms as soon as it becomes available.

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