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Welcoming Address. In Memoriam Guenther Brueckener

Bernhard Fleck welcomed the attendees and thanked the entire SOHO recovery team, including those who built the spacecraft and the instruments, for their successful work in bringing SOHO back into operations. A big round of applause subscribed his words.

Russ Howard remembered Guenther Brueckner, who died this summer. After reviewing his life, his career and his contributions to Solar Physics, all the attendees dedicated a moment of silence to his memory.

Actions Revision

Action 26-1: PI's are requested to test the sample level zero data CD-ROMs that CDHF will produce from data processed at IDDS (the new ground system). They are asked to report the results of these tests to the Science Data Coordinator ( no later than two weeks after receiving the CD-ROMS.

Action 26-2: On Luis Sanchez, to find out how MDI will receive their high rate data once the transition to IDDS is complete and no more 8mm tapes are produced.

Action 26-3: PI's are requested to provide input on the strategy they will adopt with their instruments regarding the Leonids meteor storm by October 28. They are asked to consider two cases: No spacecraft attitude change, and 1.77 degree off-pointing to set the solar panel edge-on on the radiant of the storm.

Action 26-4: The SOHO engineering team will report on the outcome of the MMS study to mitigate the risk associated with the Leonids meteor storms as soon as it becomes available.

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