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Operations during Extended Mission

-- CDS: Britain has earmarked money for 6 years; review towards end of year; funding expected as now for the next 4 years; plans to continue as now.
-- EIT: operations done by US team; plans to continue as now.
-- SUMER: nominal mission: funding by DARA ok; U.Schühle is MPAe staff and will move back to Lindau this summer; P.Lemaire is also leaving middle of this year; therefore big staffing problem at EOF already in September this year. Extended mission: so far only verbal information available which is fairly negative, i.e. no funding available from DARA; nothing in writing yet, however. IAS position: costs to keep N.Morisset and P.Lemaire at the EOF are a major element in the SOHO line; expects that SOHO will continue to be funded.
-- GOLF: expects that SOHO will continue to be funded.
-- UVCS: no commitment yet in Italy (too early), but reasonably confident to continue as now (2 EOF operators).
-- LASCO: have asked HQ to continue present support throughout fiscal year 1998; no commitment yet from NASA; waiting for outcome of senior review; MPAe special support end 1997.
-- MDI: 2 modes of operation: helioseismology (autonomous mode) + campaign mode; awaiting outcome of senior science review and future budget figures.
-- COSTEP: special support until end of next year; assumes that they will get some support in the future
-- ERNE: nobody can guarantee funding, but confident that they will get appropriate funding in the future as SOHO is the most important space project in Finland.
-- SWAN: travel money from CNES + technician from CNRS; CNRS will stop funding of technician who applied for CNRS position; hopes to get travel money in future.
-- VIRGO: in principle should be ok.

R.Bush asked how teams envision the role of the EOF: operations only, or operations and science planning. LASCO (G.Brueckner and R.Schwenn) strongly emphasized the importance of the EOF in the future for planning and coordination. For SUMER, the campaign mode is a necessity (personnel + detector lifetime).

There was broad agreement that the EOF is critical to the success of the SOHO mission, and the general intent is to bascially continue as now.

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Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:27:26 EST 1998