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Science Priorities

R.Harrison commented that in the last couple of months there was an enormous attention on prominences and plumes. He suggested to shift the priorities to elemental abundances and coronal heating processes (e.g. MHD waves). He also suggested to test and then make use of the inter-instrument flag system (there are several GI proposals requesting the use of flags). Colleagues from the EIT and LASCO teams expressed their concerns having EIT as master for extended time periods since this would put a heavy load on the LASCO electronics box (LEB). Since EIT and the three LASCO coronagraphs share the LEB resources, the LASCO coronagraphs cannot be operated if EIT is run in a high duty cycle. Further, the software to detect and locate specific events such as bright points still needs some development and testing. After a lively discussion about the value of the flag system it was agreed that --- before any further tests on the S/C --- EIT/LASCO should perform a feasibility study of having EIT as master, develop and test event detection software and report back to the other teams at the December SPWG meeting (Action 21-3). R.Harrsion will send out a memo explaining the details on how he would like to use the flag system.

Science priorities for the comming quarter are:

  1. MHD waves (coordinators: C.Deforest and J.Raymond)
  2. Abundances (coordinator: A.Fludra)
  3. Equatorial coronal holes (target of opportunity)
There won't be a rerun of the Global Month campaign in the coming quarter.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:27:08 EST 1998