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Next SWT meeting: 19/20 February 1997 at RAL (probably in conjunction with the monthly SPWG meeting on 21 Feb). The SWT meeting will start with PI presentations on Wednesday afternoon, 19 February 1997.

V.Domingo presented J.-C.Vial's proposition to increase SOHO activities at MEDOC in the next months. Some PIs expressed concerns that it might be very difficult if not impossible to move over the operations of their instruments to MEDOC. It was agreed to discuss this issue by e-mail in a working group, chaired by J.-C.Vial. Every instrument team should assign one contact person for this WG (action 21-7).

Cluster recovery
P.Wenzel informed the SWT about the SSAC's recommendations concerning the recovery of the Cluster mission:

The SSAC, at its meeting in Paris on 6 and 7 November 1996, having noted the proposals of the Executive with regards to the reflight of Cluster (Cluster 2) and the recommendation of the SSWG, and can support the proposed Cluster reflight (Cluster 2, option 1) provided that:

  1. the slightly descoped proposed payload can be fully and timely financed and constructed by the national agencies and the national laboratories without endagering the execution of the payloads of the missions of the original Horizon 2000 Programme, and in particular the Rosetta payload;
  2. the financing and construction of the Rosetta spacecraft will not be affected;
  3. the toal cost to the Agency be strictly capped at 210 MECU, including the 30 MECU already allocated to Phoenix and the launch at 60 MECU.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:27:08 EST 1998