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--- see annex 6
There will be 10 papers in part I of the SOHO First Results Special in Solar Physics which will appear in the January 1997 issue (1 VIRGO, 2 MDI, 2 SUMER, 3 CDS, 2 ERNE). Part II of this special will appear in the April issue of Solar Physics. All instrument teams are strongly encouraged to submit papers for this special before the end of the year (cf. also Section 8 on ``Mission Extension''). Part II may also include a CD-Rom for movie sequences and animations.

The project scientist team is setting up a SOHO bibliography page on the Web. To populate this database and keep it up-to-date, the PI teams are requested to send pre/reprints of accepted papers to the PS office, and an e-mail with authorlist, title, reference, abstract and keywords to

There are invitations for two further specials in JGR-Space Physics and one special in GRL:

For further information contact Tamas I. Gombosi, Senior Editor JGR ( or J.H. Waite, Editor GRL.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:27:08 EST 1998