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Data Issues

V.Buczkowski gave an overview of the level 0 data processing (see annex 6). There is a delay of approximately 4 to 5 days between the real time data reception and the 8mm tapes from DSN. V.Buczkowski will make information available on Web on when CD-ROMs were sent to experimenters and with what data. There is an action on the Project Scientist to request reprocessing effort of all level 0 data from 8mm tapes (Action 19-2). There is an action on the PIs to revisit number of CD-ROM copies they need. Input to PS before 15 June (Action 19-3).

L.Sanchez gave an overview of the level-0 data distribution, data quality, status of summary data, and SOHO archives (see annex 6).

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:26:49 EST 1998