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S/C Status

H.Schweitzer gave a status report on the power subsystem (see annex 3). M.Hervieux presented commissioning and trending analysis results and explained the present strategy for thermoelastic operations (see annex 3). Several of the instruments, in particular VIRGO, GOLF and MDI, are very sensitive to temperature variations. After some discussion it was agreed to have a splinter meeting to work out a new strategy for medium term pointing adjustments without changing the S/C temperature. For outcome of this splinter see Minutes of 17 May SPWG meeting, and Vicente Domingo's memo on mid-term pointing stability from 4 June 1996. There is an action on MDI, SUMER, EIT/LASCO, UVCS to provide each month solar center coordinates for assessment of medium term pointing stability. Input to PS by 20th of each month (Action 19-1).

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:26:49 EST 1998