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PR Matters

For a summary of the PRWG meeting which took place on Tuesday, February 6, in preparation of the 2 May media event see annex 9. Tentative presenters for the three topics at the two parallel events in ESA HQ in Paris and in GSFC are:

i) Solar Interior: A.Gabriel, P.Scherrer
ii) Solar Atmosphere: R.Harrison, G.Brueckner
iii) Solar Wind and Heliosphere: J.-L.Bertaux, P.Bochsler

It was proposed to have M.Huber and G.Withbroe as moderator for this media event.

It was emphasized that there should be one (1) joint ESA/NASA press kit distributed before the 2 May event, rather than an ESA kit in Europe and a NASA one in the US. PIs to provide additional names/addresses for the distribution list of this press kit (Action 18-2).

V.Domingo presented a draft layout for the SOHO-NEWS press releases (see annex 10). Comments and suggestions are welcome. The final style will be chosen such that the press releases can be easily made available as PostScript files.

V.Domingo will arrange for distribution of Nigel Calder's book ``Beyond this World'' (ESA BR-112) to PIs.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:26:41 EST 1998