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Status of Experiments

  1. GOLF
    was switched on, all temperatures fine, now off

  2. VIRGO
    very smooth switch on on December 6, cover released and first measurements made

  3. SOI/MDI
    turned on for CCD bake-out; CCD at 30C; turned on filter and oven heater, rest will be turned on on Monday, Dec 11

  4. SUMER
    front 6 warmer than expected, but not critical; expected to vanish during operations when instrument is controlable

  5. CDS
    still switched off

    still switched off

  7. UVCS
    switched on, door cracked, launch lock released, front part warmer than expected, but not critical

  8. SWAN
    just turning on

    still off; temperatures o.k.

    shortly prior to switch on, temperatures normal

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:26:33 EST 1998