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Payload & AIV Status (C.Berner)

see handout --- annex 5

SOHO Experiments Review Experiments Acceptance Status Summaries (Rev.1) was distributed.

PIs asked for details of planned activities at KSC. The Project agreed to send detailed information by week 19.gif

Note by P.Scherrer on control files updates required for EMC tests:

The first details of planned EMC tests were provided by M.Setzke on 23 March, along with a request for updates to control files. MDI responded 17 April, after significant work and verification with relatively minor changes. We were told on 20 April ``there is no time in the schedule to debug control files or do extra tests''. We do not understand the approach of performing known insufficient tests just to get a test completed rather than in a manner to learn about the spacecraft and payload. The mission will suffer.

A.Poland brought up concerns expressed by PIs and FOT that planned test activties for GSCT#2 and 3 are not extensive enough to verify all experiment procedures. The Project replied that GSCTs are thought to test the ground segment of the operations chain and experiment procedures relevant for the commissioning of the experiments. A lively discussion developed. It was decided to discuss this issue more thoroughly at the upcoming SOWG on May 5.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:26:13 EST 1998