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Science Working Team Executive Meeting

There are 4 action items from SWT-14 (see Sect.1).

V.Domingo presented a summary of the PR meeting which took place the day before SWT-14 on May 26 at ESTEC (see annex 10). This meeting was attended by S.Vermeer, D.Nelson, M.Calabrese, W.Wagner, Ph.Lemaire, U.Schühle, R.Schwenn, G.Brueckner, D.Michels, C.Berner, J.Kohl, R.Harrison, J.Defise, H.Kunow, A.Poland, V.Domingo, B.Fleck,
P.Scherrer, C.Fr"ohlich, R.Howard. S.Vermeer presented the SOHO Video and showed some typical examples of ESA/NASA video press releases. There it was agreed to form a SOHO PR Working Group (PRWG). Members of this PRWG will be S.Vermeer and D.Savage from ESA and NASA PR, the Project Manager, the Project Scientists, and several PIs or representatives. The following candidates were suggested: D.Gough and P.Scherrer for the helioseismology aspects, D.Michels or R.Schwenn, K.Wilhelm or U.Schühle, J.Kohl or P.Bochsler, and H.Kunow. The group should be formed during SIM2.gif At the SWT a discussion started about the PR involvement and priority rights of national funding agencies which payed for the instruments. No final conclusion was reached. This issue has to be discussed more thoroughly at one of the upcoming meetings during SIM2 and at the next SWT. There are two actions on the PIs: Action 14-3 to provide ideas/``stories'' for the big SOHO media event which is planned to take place early after the end of the commissionung phase (input to PS before May 15), and Action 14-4 to comment on PR plan (draft 0.3 from 18 April 1995). Input to PS also before May 15.

No date fixed for next meeting.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:26:13 EST 1998