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Action Items SWT 13

Action 13.1 on PIs to submit NRT command time request for GSCT#2. Input to SOC before February 15.

Action 13.2 on SOC to distribute coherent Early Ops Plan by 1 March.

Action 13.3 on PS to make Early Ops Plan an official document.

Action 13.4 on PIs to comment on list of activities involving S/C and other experiments. Input to SOC before 15 February.

Action 13.5 on PIs to provide their view on PR activities and a description of expected PR material from their experiment, including

Input to PS before 1 March.

Action 13.6 on PS to work out PR plan to be presented and discussed at next SWT.

Action 13.7 on PIs to provide number of SOHO books they want to order. Input to B.Fleck before 1 May.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:26:01 EST 1998