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Science Working Team Executive Meeting

C.Berner went through the list of critical experiment issues (see annex 19).

GOLF expressed great interest in the outcoming of the investigation of the periodic noise source on the MDI HK channel during the early portion of TB (cf. SOI report in annex 7).

F.Felici presented a small SOHO model of which each PI will receive one copy. Additional orders should be forwarded to the SOHO Project.

PS to clarify with Project and Matra that there shall be no in-flight OBT changes (cf. VIRGO report in annex 7).

J.-P.Delaboudiniere to provide EIT PSF.

There are 7 action items from SWT-13 (see Sect.1).

The next meeting (SWT-14) is scheduled for April 27 at Leeuvenhorst Congres Center in Noordwijkerhout.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:26:01 EST 1998