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SPWG report

A.Gabriel gave a report of the SOHO Science Planning Working Group (SPWG) meeting which took place on Tuesday, June 14 (see annex 13). In the morning session the progress in preparing Joint Operation Plans (JOPs) was reviewed and new JOPs as well as the procedure for JOP planning and control were discussed. In the afternoon session the timeline for cruise phase science operations was presented by P.Martens, followed by a presentation by PI team representatives of the plans for the first 30 days of nominal science operations. There is an action on the PI's to comment and update the early operations timeline plan distributed by P.Martens, including the commissioning phase [first 30 days after HOI] and the first 30 days of nominal operations after commissioning (Action 12.1). Input to P.Martens before July 31.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:25:49 EST 1998