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Status of the Project

a) Overall FM PLM AIV schedule (F.Felici)

see handout --- annex 6

b) SOHO engineering review (F.C.Vandenbussche)

see handout --- annex 7

c) Payload & operations development status (C.Berner)

see handout --- annex 8

-- PLM delivery do MMS-F by mid of August
-- System AIV test beginning of Sep. 94
-- SOHO AIV programme to be completed 3 April 95
-- The 30 days commissioning phase after HOI will be clarified clarify by Project and scientists (see action 12.2)
-- Project emphasized that to meet the programme deadline experimenters shall:

d) Cleanliness (R.Thomas)

see handout --- annex 9

D.Michels expressed serious concerns that the time allocated to TB/TV test is not adequate, due to schedule pressure. He requested criteria for outgassing, pressure etc. before TB/TV tests be performed.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:25:49 EST 1998