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Science Working Team Executive Meeting

Action Items SWT 11

-- See section 1

Project Matters: F. Felici

It was agreed that the project will investigate the possibility and consequences of reducing the interval between wheel desaturation (baseline is 8 weeks) in order to have a potential improvement in wheel jitter at hand if necessary in orbit.

It was also agreed that the Project will propose a review of the medium term pointing stability interval (baseline 6 months) after investigating the length of the thermal and thermoelastic transient of the spacecraft induced by the thermal subsystem reset.

It was agreed that the new thermal limits proposed in the December fax (PL xx) will be in principle implemented in updating EID-A to define complementary testing if found necessary. For possible jitter tests under investigation the SM of EIT will not be available until August/September. Only CDS will be able to provide flight representative mechanisms (EM).

The Project agreed to report on the status of the software for experiments HK and service data retrieving. This capability was declared indispensable by the PI's to authorize switch on of FM experiments.

C. Fröhlich expressed the general need to know degradation data for thermo-optical surfaces after 6 years, even if the baseline mission is 2 years.

The Project stressed the extreme criticality of the overall program schedule and noted that the new model updates and deliveries discussed in the SWT cover to a very large extent the need for calibration expressed by some PI's until today. Some PI's maintained however a generic request to be allowed to recalibrate instrument if schedule changes in the future would allow it. The Project insisted that SWAN and EIT take the necessary actions to meet the need dates presented by ESA at the SWT.

STSP Coordination: A. Pedersen

STSP coordination group needs 2 new members:
Don Michels volunteers.
Hovestadt proposes Alfred Bürgi. J. Kohl endorses him for UVCS.
K. Wilhelm will propose third candidate.

SOHO Archive: V. Domingo

SWT exec. endorses the archive plans presented L. Sanchez. See Section 1 for text of resolution.

CDS Mirror Underperformance

R. Harrison points out that there are two reports on this issue, one detailing the performance tests, and one with a recovery plan. Martin Hueber wants SWT to make comment on impact on science, and request all steps possible to remedy situation. SWT exec. fully agrees. An action item was put on the CDS-PI to determine the exact wording of the resolution: see Section 1 for the final version.


P. Scherrer wants recommendation on how to address jitter performance.

Next SWT

Agreed: 15/16/17 June 1994 at ESTEC.

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Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:25:37 EST 1998