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Guest Investigator Programme: P. Martens

See handout of comments and decision items -- annex 18

SWT discusses comments in writing to first draft of AO for SOHO GI programme distributed to SWT member prior to meeting.

Comments on several minor issues will be worked into the next draft for the SOHO GI AO. From the discussion it appears that the major issue is the definition of the participation of GI's in the SOHO teams. The criterion of making available for GI's 30% of observing time or data may be relevant for the coronal experiments, but is meaningless, or even harmful, for the helioseismology and particle experiments. An action item is put on the PI Teams to react in writing to this AO draft, and in particular to define the GI participation for their instrument.

On the other decision items, the SWT had the opinion that it would be impossible to provide the major PI Team objectives in writing before the AO, that there is no need for a ceiling for the number of Guest Investigations per instrument, and that an annual GI round is more appropriate than biannual rounds.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:25:37 EST 1998