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SOHO Intercalibration Committee report

SIC minutes --- see annex 14

J.Kohl gave a report of the SOHO Intercalibration Committee (SIC) meeting which took place Wednesday morning (7 July, 9:00--12:00). There are two action items on the PI's from this meeting:

Action SIC-10.1: Each instrument representative is to provide a specific program for in-flight intercalibration (in particular address: radiometric calibration, wavelength scale, alignment and pointing, stray light, point spread function). Also provide ideas for how intercalibration relates to solar models used for intercomparison. (by next SWT)

Action SIC-10.2: Each instrument representative to provide plans for absolute radiometry with his/her instrument (by 1 September 1993 to V.Domingo).

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:25:28 EST 1998