SPWG DRAFT MINUTES Friday March 28, 2003

1. Boundary conditions

* There is no maneuver within the current planning period. 
  A tentative date for the next maneuver is June 11.

* TRACE is now free of atmospheric absorption following the eclipse season. A
  minor episode near solstice is possible, but not confirmed.

* MDI continuous contacts: 

  Mar 26-30     MDI Continuous Contact (High Res campaign)
  Apr 23-27     MDI Continuous Contact
  Jun 18-22     MDI Continuous Contact
  Jul 23-28     MDI Continuous Contact
  Sep 3-7       MDI Continuous Contact
  Sep 22-Nov 23 MDI 60-Day Continuous Contact

* The Mercury disk transit on May 7, 2003 will be visible from SOHO. MDI will
  observe during the transit, so we cannot use the SSR. 

  The latest information on the timing, path & DSN contacts can be found

  We would like to make a summary of anticipated transit observations; so far
  we know for certain that MDI and CDS are making plans - could everyone
  planning to observe this event contact the SOCs with their plans thus far?

* Submodes:

Submode 6 except for these submode 5 periods:

Apr 4 - May 6   SUMER campaign
May 19 - Jun 1  MEDOC campaign #11 (SUMER on/off times TBD)

* EIT Bakeout/CalRock:

* Apr 18-21     EIT Bakeout (unless asked otherwise)

* August        EIT Calibration Rocket (TBC), POC: Jeff Newmark

* Commanding outlook: See AOB section.

2. Priorities for the coming month & more

a) Joint observing plans and campaigns

* Mar 25-29      JOP164 Quiet Sun Magnetic Carpet Study, 
                   MDI/CDS/EIT/TRACE, POC: Clare Parnell/Jack Ireland(local)

T Mar 27         EIT Shuttlerless Run #10 (#6928), Segment 1, 
                   EIT/CDS/TRACE/SPIRIT, 14-16:40 UT,
                   POC: David Berghmans, Local POC: Kevin Schenk

* Mar 28-30      AR Study/MMOP15 (#6931), EIT/TRACE/VLA/RHESSI/MaxMill, 
                   POC: Rob Wilson (,
                   17:00-22:00 UT / 17:39-22:30 UT / 15:30-20:30 UT

MDI will support JOP164 in coordination with their March 5-Day CC
(26-30 March). There will be a pause to do the EIT Shutterless Run
#10, Segment 1. TRACE will support all the above to the best of their

W Apr 02        EIT Shutterless Run #10 (#6928), Segment 2, 
                  EIT/CDS/TRACE/SPIRIT, 17-19:40 UT, 
                  POC: David Berghmans, Local POC: Kevin Schenk

CDS will run studies for Dipankar Banerjee during the shutterless.

* Apr 10-17      JOP161 Comprehensive Footpoint Study, 
                  SUMER/CDS/EIT/MDI/TRACE, POC: Scott McIntosh

MDI High Rate coverage has been requested for the real campaign.  The
JOP description has been updated following the successful test
run. Note from SUMER: April 10 can be regarded as the ealiest date,
April 17 as the latest date. The exact date depends on the progress
during the detector checkout and the availability of a good target.

* Apr 15-May 6  JOP104 Doppler Shifts in X-ray Jets,    
                  SUMER/RHESSI/EIT/TRACE(Apr 18-20, May 5-6)/UVCS(May 1-6), 
                  POC: Bernhard Kliem & Werner Curdt

* Apr 14-20     Prominence observations, CDS/SUMER, POC: Terry Kucera

Will be run only when JOP161 is not running.

* Apr 21-May 4  JOP083 High Cadence Activity Studies and the Heating of 
                  Coronal Loops, CDS/EIT/TRACE/MDI, POC: Jack Ireland and
                  Ineke De Moortel

SUMER: JOP 104 out-of-limb Doppler oscillation studies will be run
during times when JOP 161 and noble gas study are done or don't have
a suitable target.

TRACE can support JOP104 on Apr 18-20, May 5-6, and at other times
depending on requirements and plans for JOPs 083 and 161 CDS also
notes that they are committed to JOP083/161.

MDI will try to coordinate with JOP083 as long as the observations do
not conflict with the April 5-Day CC (Apr 23-27) plan.

UVCS will support JOP104 during May 1-6, if a suitable target is near
the limb.

EIT will provide the full-res, full-frame images required for JOP 083,
by moving synoptic observation times if necessary.

* May 7         Mercury Transit, CDS/MDI/EIT, POC: Stein Haugan,

EIT is working on it.

MDI is planning on taking a series of full disk continuum tuned
filtergrams during the entire transit in order to better determine
absolute spacecraft roll, MDI absolute plate scale and better
understand MDI image distortion.

CDS plans are in preparation (wide slit movie, narrow slit rasters,
narrow slit sit & stare).

* May 8-Jun 22  AR Studies, TRACE/SST/MDI/CDS(TBC), 08-18 UT
                  POC: Tom Berger (May 7-24)/Mats Carlsson (May 24-Jun 7)/
                  Bart DePontieu (Jun 8-22)

TRACE is committed to supporting this campaign. Any other requests
(e.g. JOP163, JOP157) in this time frame have second priority; no
support unless they go with the La Palma target.

General details: Primary target will be ARs, baseline is to follow
regions across the disk, preferably those traversing the MDI high-res
FOV, with high cadence cut-outs when possible.

Some details for the June 8-22 time period: Studying spicules, mottles
and jets in AR & Quiet Sun. Target: AR plage with quieter enhanced
network within reach of FOV, ideally containing compact hot loops &
opposite polarity plage. The 1m Swedish Telescope will observe in
G-band, continuum close to G-band or Ca II K (TBD), and H-alpha scans
with SOUP filter (+/- 350 and 700 mA). TRACE request is various
combinations of C IV, 171, 195, 1600, with 512x512 FOV. MDI request is
for mags and Doppler in high-res FOV, 1 min cadence. Observing hours 
typically 08-18 UT, best seeing 08-12 UT and 16-18 UT.

EIT's understanding is that this is a high-res program and EIT is not
really of interest to the observers. 

CDS has not received any request. Potentially interested as time allows.

MDI has been requested to support the TRACE/La Palma coordination with
both Tom Berger and Bart De Pontieu. MDI has also recieved a request
from Hardi Peter for another Blinkers Study (May 24-28 OR June 9-17)
(see below).  Finally, we have the JOP165 (June) and JOP163 (May
19-25) requests.  They have not committed to any of these requests
firmly.  We plan on supporting Tom Berger and possibly Hardi Peter,
but as you can see, there are some overlapping requests.  The MDI team
will have to further discuss which studies to devote time to, etc.  We
also hold to the statement of trying to collaborate as long as it does
not interfere with 5 Day Continuous Contact periods, and we have one

* May 19-Jun 1  MEDOC Campaign #11

SUMER on/off, submode change dates TBD. See their calendar for latest

* May 19-Jun 1  Ulysses Quadrature, UVCS/Ulysses/SUMER/CDS, POC: L. Teriaca

SUMER details and exact dates are TBD.  CDS plans on doing a CME Watch
with SUMER/UVCS/CDS in support of the quadrature - 8 hours/day during
May 19-23.

* May 19-25     JOP163 Internetwork/Network Oscillations, CDS/MDI/TRACE(TBC),
                  POC: Dipankar Banerjee

Note: This is scheduled for 1st week of MEDOC, will not necessarily
run all the time.

MDI will support as long as it does not conflict with any planned
5-Day CC observations. See also MDI note under the SST
collaboration above.

TRACE is committed to the SST collaboration, see TRACE note
under that item.

* May 24-28     Blinker Study (May 24-28 OR Jun 9-17), 
                  La Palma DOT/MDI(TBC)/CDS(TBC), POC: Hardi Peter

* May 26-Jun 1  JOP157 Bright Points in Active Regions,
                  EIT/CDS/MDI(TBC)/RHESSI/TRACE(TBC)/Pic du Midi, daytime CET,
                  POC: Brigitte Schmieder

* May 26-Jun 1  JOP124 Eruptive filament in Active Region, 
                  CDS/SUMER/EIT/CORONAS, POC: Karine Bocchialini

JOPs 157 & 124 are from the MEDOC campaign calendar (2nd week, will
not necessarily run every day). See also MDI's and TRACE's comments
under the SST collaboration above.

CDS may join the Blinker Study (although it's more likely if the
second time slot - in June - is used).

* June          JOP165 High Cadence Active Region Oscillations: Center to 
                  limb variation (TBC), CDS/MDI/EIT/TRACE/SPIRIT, 
                  POC: Dipankar Banerjee (

This is a new JOP, proposed to be run during the next EIT shutterless
campaign. To avoid conflicts, we recommend scheduling the shutterless
after June 22. 

* Jun 9-17      Blinker Study (May 24-28 OR Jun 9-17), 
                  La Palma DOT/MDI(TBC)/CDS(TBC), POC: Hardi Peter

See MDI's and TRACE's notes under the SST collaboration, and
CDS's note under the previous blinker study listing.

Continuing campaigns:

*               JOP159 CME's in Lyman-alpha (#6870), SWAN/LASCO/EIT/UVCS,
                  POC: Chris St Cyr, Eric Quemerais

Targets of opportunity for the whole period:

*               JOP136/MMOP009 Default RHESSI collaboration (#6850)
*               JOP153/MMOP003 Major Flare Watch (#6930)

Campaign number 6850 is for "individual instrument studies" selecting
an AR target [partially] influenced by the Max Millennium target.
This target will be observed by a significant number of ground based
observatories, so chances for serendipitous co-observations are good.

b) Intercalibration activities

Last Intercal 1: March 4 [Week 10]

T Apr 01        Intercal 1, CDS/EIT, POC: CDS/EIT Planners

c) Individual instrument plans

(See the SOHO monthly calendar for weekly plans!)


  Mar 26-30     MDI Continuous Contact (High Res campaign)
  Apr 23-27     MDI Continuous Contact
  Jun 18-22     MDI Continuous Contact
  Jul 23-28     MDI Continuous Contact
  Sep 3-7       MDI Continuous Contact
  Sep 22-Nov 23 MDI 60-Day Continuous Contact

  See their planning page:

  April observing plans are in place. Plans for May and beyond will be
  filled within the next week or two.

  See their request diary for details


T Mar 27        EIT Shuttlerless Run #10 (#6928), Segment 1, 
                  EIT/CDS/TRACE/SPIRIT, 14-16:40 UT,
                  POC: David Berghmans, Local POC: Kevin Schenk

W Apr 02        EIT Shutterless Run #10 (#6928), Segment 2, 
                  EIT/CDS/TRACE/SPIRIT, 17-19:40 UT, 
                  POC: David Berghmans, Local POC: Kevin Schenk

LASCO may be requested to support IPS measurements of slow solar wind
in late May and/or early June with high cadence white-light
measurements (primarily C2). An EIT bakeout could be scheduled for
this time to optimise LASCO cadence. IPS teams are aware of expected
SM5 periods and conflicts are not expected.  CDS will participate with
a time series on quiet sun near disk centre.

* Apr 18-21     EIT Bakeout (unless asked otherwise)


NOTE that TRACE in general reserves the right to withdraw support from
agreed, existing collaborations if a sufficiently "good active region"
is called by the Max Millennium group.


Will run an "HAO 'noble gas study'" some time in the April 10-April 15
time frame, alongside JOP161. Most of the time between 6. and
17. April will be used for data acquisition for detector checkout
activities. Use of NRT commanding will be made. The "HAO noble gas
study" will be made after the detector checkout was successful.

3. AOB

* Next SPWG: Friday April 25 right after weekly meeting in the EOF

* DSN support should be requested at least 6 months in advance.  Keep
  this in mind for: ground-based collaborations that require MDI
  support, stellar/shutterless observations that require NRT, etc.

* If anyone has projects that require high-cadence MDI support, now is
  a good time to ask! If you need MDI data, make sure you request it
  specifically. There is no significant change in the shutter
  performance over the last 10 months; monitoring continues, but no
  immediate changes in operations are planned.

* Commanding outlook

- These times are subject to change
- More details available if wanted:

Week 14 - Mar 31 - Apr 06:   Mornings are all good. Afternoon gaps on
                             Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday. D27 in the
                             afternoons on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
                             D27 all day Saturday and Sunday.

Week 15 - Apr 07 - Apr 13:   Afternoon gaps on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,
                             Saturday, Sunday. D27 in the afternoons on
                             Monday and Sunday. D27 all day Wednesday.
                             Friday is good.

Week 16 - Apr 14 - Apr 20:   Afternoon gaps on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,
                             Saturday. D27 in the afternoons on Monday,
                             Tuesday, Wednesday. D27 in the morning on
                             Thursday. Gap in the mornings on Wednesday,
                             Friday. Sunday is good.

Week 17 - Apr 21 - Apr 27:   Afternoon gaps on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.
                             D27 in the afternoon on Monday. Downlink
                             only in the late morning/early afternoon on
                             Wednesday. D27 in the late morning/early
                             afternoon on Thursday and Saturday. D27 all 
                             day on Friday and Sunday.

Week 18 - Apr 28 - May 04:   D27 all day on Monday. Afternoon gaps on 
                             Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday. D27 in the 
                             afternoons on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday
                             is good. Morning gaps on Friday and Saturday.
                             D27 in the morning on Sunday.