SPWG Agenda Friday October 25, 2002

1. Review of action items

- New: * All teams: Give a list of email addresses that should receive draft agendas (will be added to the SPWG list). * All teams, each SPWG meeting: Designate one person to be point of contact for collaborations and to review & "sign off" on SPWG draft agendas - From last meeting: * On everyone: Evaluate SOHO planning procedures (meetings, other means of communication, etc) for the future. SEE SUMMARY OF DISCUSSION UNDER AOB.

2. Boundary conditions

* The next MM/SK maneuver is expected after the MDI best effort continuous month (i.e. in February 2003). * No action for SOHO during the Leonids meteor shower * Christmas Eve and Day will have limited contacts, suggestion for the Christmas week follows: Monday and Thursday will be normal Tuesday (Christmas Eve): D66 06:55-11:35 UT D27 18:30-23:30 UT Wednesday (Christmas Day): D66 06:55-12:00 UT D27 19:25-23:05 UT There may be limited contacts on New Years Day as well * No MDI continuous contact in November; Dec 26-31 MDI 5-day continuous contact Jan 20-Feb 26 MDI best effort continuous contact period 2003 * Oct 27 US & European Daylight savings ends, GSFC local = UT - 5h * Submodes: Submode 5 until November 1, 16:30 UT, then... Submode 6 until a SUMER mini-campaign starting Friday Nov 15, then... Submode 5 until November 22, then... Submode 6 until a SUMER mini-campaign starting about April 7, then.. Submode 5 for between one and two weeks, then... Submode 6 for the foreseeable future LATEST: SUMER may be supporting the December 4 eclipse - so submode 5 may be used on surrounding days. * Commanding outlook: See AOB section.

3. Priorities for the coming month (W45-48[49]; November 4 - December 1[8])

a) Joint observing plans and campaigns * Oct 28-Nov 3 JOP112 Coordinated SOHO-Ulysses Elemental Abundance Study, CDS/LASCO/SUMER/UVCS, POC: Susanna Parenti/Giannina Poletto Note: SUMER stops observing Oct 31 (TBC) * Nov 16-22 SOHO-Ulysses Quadrature (PA 296.7), SUMER/UVCS/Ulysses, POC: Luca Teriaca/Giannina Poletto * Nov 25-Dec 3 SOHO-Ulysses quadrature (PA 296.7), UVCS/Ulysses, POC: Luca Teriaca/Giannina Poletto * Dec 4 Total Solar Eclipse, EIT/LASCO/MLSO/GBO, POC: Chris StCyr (Africa)/Gareth Lawrence (local), Totality begins 05:50 UT (Africa), ends 09:11 (Australia) C. StCyr will be at Shingwedzi Camp in Kruger National Park in South Africa. Second contact is 06:20 UT, and the duration is 1m 26s, requesting an A EIT 4-sector set both before and after (within +/-2 hours); a C2 before and after (within +/- 1 hour); and the nominal EIT195 CME Watch during the eclipse should suit our purposes. Otherwise synoptic observations the day before and after should be fine. We should maybe ask for SSR backup of observations. * Apr 2003 JOP161 Comprehensive Footpoint Study, SUMER/CDS/EIT/MDI/TRACE, POC: Scott McIntosh CDS, EIT, TRACE, MDI agree to a test run (time TBD - early in 2003). MDI High Rate may be requested for the real campaign. Some details in the JOP will be filled in, e.g: EIT & CDS will most likely run Intercal 1 program. Continuing campaigns: * JOP159 CME's in Lyman-alpha (#6870), SWAN/LASCO/EIT/UVCS(*), POC: Chris St Cyr, Eric Quemerais Targets of opportunity for the whole period: * JOP136/MMOP009 Default RHESSI collaboration (#6850) * JOP153/MMOP003 Major Flare Alert (#6892) Campaign number 6850 has been set aside for "individual instrument studies" that select their AR target [partially] influenced by the RHESSI target. Note that the RHESSI target will be observed by a significant number of ground based observatories, so chances for serendipitous co-observations are larger when selecting the RHESSI target. During TRACE eclipse season (starts Novermber 4, ends in February), TRACE will do 3 loads per week during eclipse season and stay with one wavelength for an extended period of time. No additional collaborations will be done other than those previously agreed to. b) Intercalibration activities Last Intercal 1: October 18 (Week 42) * Week 45/46 Intercal 1, CDS/EIT, POC: CDS/EIT Planners c) Individual instrument plans (See the SOHO monthly calendar for weekly plans) CDS: See their request diary for details ( LASCO/EIT: No firm EIT Shutterless dates for the future yet. TRACE: Interested in collaborating with UVCS on polar coronal hole observations

4. AOB

* Summary of discussion regarding the form of meetings: Daily meetings will be faster - we will discuss NRT timing (as required), any unusual spacecraft/telemetry status, any unusual solar activity, and we will look at IAPs (or brief emails sent 5-10 minutes before the meeting) from all teams; discuss any changes to be made or collaborations to be developed. Each team must have a representative who can answer operations questions and discuss collaborations. Before meetings, the FOT report, X-ray and proton event plots will be visible on the projector. Weekly meetings - each team must have a representative who can answer operations questions and discuss collaborations. SPWG meetings will be shorter: A draft SPWG agenda/minutes text will be sent out one week prior to the meeting, with special marks on each to be "checked off" by a designated instrument team representative. This feedback must be sent (and hopefully, any outstanding issues solved by peer-to-peer contact) by noon the day before the meeting. If all goes well, a SOC will greet you a good weekend at the entrance to the conference room! * SOHO's IAP-logged "coordinated instrument observing hours" show no downward trend - if anything quite the opposite! A smoothed average plot with data from January 1996 until early October is available at: * Next SPWG: Friday November 22 at 2pm in the EAF * DSN support should be requested at least 6 months in advance. Keep this in mind for: ground-based collaborations that require MDI support, stellar/shutterless observations that require NRT, etc. * If anyone has projects that require high-cadence MDI support, now is a good time to ask! If you need MDI data, make sure you request it specifically. * Commanding outlook - These times are subject to change - More details available if wanted: Week 45 - Nov 4-Nov 10 : Large gap on Monday. Commanding is good on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. D27 all day on Thursday and Sunday. D27 most of Friday. Week 46 - Nov 11-Nov 17: Large gap on Monday. D27 all day Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Commanding is good Friday. D27 part of Sunday. Week 47 - Nov 18-Nov 24: Large gap on Monday. D27 part of Tuesday. Commanding is good Wednesday through Saturday. D27 all day Sunday. Week 48 - Nov 25-Dec 1: Large gap on Monday and Sunday. D27 part of Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. COmmanding is good on Wednesday. D27 all day Friday.